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CPA Solutions has been assisting clients with their tax and accounting needs for over 20 years. With a unique specialization in the healthcare industry, we have acquired not only the expertize and skillset that is exclusive to physicians and dentist but also gained our clients’ trust and loyalty.

As we strive to elevate our level of services to better serve our clients’ needs we have introduced a new product, Client Accounting Services (“CAS”), that completely transforms organization’s finance function. CAS is a fully outsourced accounting service that will handle every step from bill-pay and payroll to CFO consulting.

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By utilizing CAS services, our clients achieve a reduction in costs, better internal controls, and more informed decision-making abilities.

  • Reduction in costs – savings in salaries, payroll taxes, and benefits, technology-related costs such as accounting and payroll software as well as office space being occupied by internal accounting staff translates to approximately 30% costs savings for our clients by utilizing CAS.
  • Better internal controls – we follow tight processes and standard procedures. Our technology is designed for proper approvals and cross-checks for deviations from the norm (individually set for each client). Our month-end close checklist ensures completeness and accuracy of the financial statements.
  • More informative decisions – with reliable and timely financial information, our clients are better equipped to analyze the current situation and make relevant decisions on efficiencies, growth or succession planning. Our Enterprise tier includes CFO services that provide strategic consultancy for clients that are faced with changes.

Our Specialties

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Cost Savings Analysis

Industry Benchmarking

Mergers & Acquisitions

Budgeting & Forecasting

Compliance Assessment

Virtual CFO

Cash Flow Projections

Payroll Services

Tax Services


What We Can Do For You

We have efficiently organized our implementation process to allow for a quick transition to our services.  Our team of experts will facilitate all facets of the transition.  Leaving you with more resources as well as time to focus on what’s really important… patient care.

Create a Growth Plan

The implementation plan will integrate the three trends that will set your practice apart from practices in the industry, by focusing on three key components:  Digitization, Virtualization, & Transformation.

Save You Money

All the key aspects of our service can prove to be much more powerful than hiring in-house.  To hire the level of expertise in-house and implement the appropriate technology stack that you are pursuing is extremely costly.

Competitive Market Analysis

During our research and analysis phase, we will conduct an evaluation of your current accounting processes, procedures, and technology utilization.

Save you Time

Our technology stack, knowledge of the industry, and standardized process provide us with the tools needed to be able to service your account efficiently.

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